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Politics hampering global climate preservation efforts:

Fatalism, technology as panacea and conspiracy theorists:

Over the years, the vast scientific evidence supporting the phenomenon of climate change, has become so strong that, except for groups on the fringes, or those who purportedly believe that they have nothing to lose from climate change, it is not possible to deny the phenomenon itself.

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Geo-politics as one of the principal obstacles:

As we know, in 2007, through the opening provided by the Kyoto conference, global community created a protocol to reduce greenhouse gases among nations. That accord agreed to view the world as being constituted by two principal blocks, namely, developed and developing world.

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Global energy politics and the perceived ‘anti-national’ conduct of climate activists in India:

Unfortunately for the climate campaign in India, those who lead this campaign in India have often been accused of acting at the behest of foreign donors who are not always favourably disposed towards India and even her genuine developmental needs. A case in point is the saga associated with Kundakulam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu state in the south of India. 

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Another Big Problem - Inability Of Leadership Of Climate Movement To Connect With ‘Soul’ Of India:

As we have noted in the preceding sections of this document, climate conservation movement, in India as well as in many other countries of the world, has been plagued with multiple problems, often originating from the ideological inclination of the people fronting the campaigns. This in turn had a direct bearing on the outreach strategy as well as the way, the related issues were taken up by the movement.

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Green Campaigning

The Path-Ahead - New Approach to Campaigning and a New Role For The Climate Activist:

In the context of the history of climate conservation campaigns in India, and in view of the repeated failure of the movement to strike roots in India, it is quite clear that there is no point trying to play the game with the same approach. Afterall, trying to achieve a different result using tactics that have always resulted in massive failures, is either being completely naïve or outright foolish. And, when the stakes are so high, existential to be precise, there is not much scope to bumble any further. The need for a new approach to campaigning, a new kind of cadre of activist, a cadre-base with a new kind of role in society, cannot be ignored any further.


While the exact nitty-gritties and finer details of the future of climate campaign

1. Climate campaign movement in India, instead of remaining a matter of academic interest, to be discussed in the drawing rooms of elites and in the cocktail circuits of socialites, has to be transformed into a mass movement.
2. The movement must seek to develop an organic bond with the Youth of India, future of our country, and, just as important, the source of future leadership of the movement itself.

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