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Inter-University Research Centre (IURC) is an offshoot of CIU. As discussed in the preceding pages of this document, one of the most important tasks assigned to CIU by its founders is the promotion of a culture of high-quality research in the institutions of higher learning in India. Towards that end, CIU has been working with individual researchers and the organizations associated with them. However, as is to be expected, managing this structure where CIU has to work with individual organizations separately is a tedious task and consumes a lot of managerial bandwidth of CIU. Besides, because of the plethora of research projects, all of them working as silos insulated from each other, CIU felt that it was not possible to provide a coherent direction and a unifying thread to the multitude of research projects supported by it.
Apart from all this, CIU also felt that it needed a separate organization that would not only promote a culture of research among the member organizations but, wherever apt, also take the output of the research to the people at large, by using the networks that exist between the individual universities and the communities that fall in their catchment areas.
IURC was therefore created precisely with these objectives in mind. Now, while CIU is an already established organization, IURC has to create a name for itself. This may be a challenge for most people. But, we at IURC, are simply delighted because of the possibilities such a challenge presents to us. It means that we can fashion a brand-new organization to suitably reflect our collective thought process, to reflect our collective ambition of championing the cause of world class research in India.

While the fine-points of the scope of IURC would keep on evolving in order to maintain its tuning with the broader global forces, it is nevertheless worth taking a look at the broad outline of the same:

1. Bringing the best researchers in India, under one umbrella, unified by the common purpose of promoting a culture of research in India.
2. Convincing university authorities in India to spend a larger share of their ‘discretionary expenditure’ budget on research.
3. Creating a platform to felicitate and recognize the good work in research being done in member universities.
4. Encouraging universities to adopt a system of faculty exchange programs.
5. Encouraging better placed and better resourced universities to start training programs aimed at improving the quality of research & teaching in other, no so well-resourced member institutions.
6. Bringing the ‘crème de la crème’ of global academia on the platform with the objective of letting researchers in India see what is it that makes a world class researcher.
7. Translating the best of global academic output into Indian languages and making them available to students, teachers and researchers in India, even in the remotest corners of the country.
8. Creating opportunities for best of Indian researchers to collaborate with established global academicians, do joint projects and co-author papers with famous international names.
9. Organize larger number of lectures (physical or online depending upon circumstances) of good global academicians into Indian institutions.
10. Identifying and supporting research programs with high socio-economic impact potential and sharing the outcome of the same with other stakeholders namely Government, industry, civil society etc.
11. Creating a TED-X like platform in India, but dedicated to the cause of serving universities, researchers and the larger cause of promotion and propagation of knowledge.
12. Connecting the society at large with the research endeavours in the universities and creating public opinion in favour of larger budgets for research.
13. Creating avenues of regular interaction between universities, industry and Government, so as to enable the later i.e the Government, to share its pain-points with the universities and demand research effort to solve those problems.
14. Sensitizing the public authorities about the need to support high impact research projects.

With a vision like this, we at IURC, have thus resolved to work towards creation of a better academic environment within universities in India, towards creating a better relationship between universities, the service providers and society at large, the entity that ultimately underwrites the expenses of the universities..


Note on Confidentiality

It is a property of Inter-University Research Centre (IURC) which is a platform floated by Confederation of Indian Universities (CIU), an apex body of around 1200 universities and university level institutions in India.
The information in this website are meant for the exclusive consumption of people associated with CIU and IURC. If anyone else happens to find this document or any part thereof, the person is requested to immediately get in touch with the office of either CIU or IURC and return the document to our any of our officers.
Unauthorized accessing, publication, whether in part or in full, or sharing & distribution of the contents of this document without the prior approval of IURC, is an offence. The same, if brought to the notice of IURC or CIU, would be considered an infringement of our intellectual property, and the organization would consider itself free to pursue appropriate legal action..

Purpose of this Information

This document is not a scholarly writing on the topic of human induced climate change. It is a document that has been prepared with the intention of introducing the idea called Inter-University Research Centre (IURC) which has been floated recently by Confederation of Indian Universities (CIU).
Through this document, an attempt has been made to explain what CIU is and what it does. This document also explains what IURC is and what its relationship with CIU is. This document also contains brief introduction about all that IURC intends to pursue in near future, including what it plans to do for the cause of climate preservation.
Finally, this document should be seen as a call to collaboration, going out from one organization in India to all other like-minded people and organizations all over the world.

Effects of Climate Change

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